Imogen Napper

Wow! Over the moon! Thanks everyone for voting!

Favourite Thing: Being in the lab! I also love being able to research something there are no answers to!



Colston’s Girls’ School (2002 – 2010), University of Lincoln (2010-2014), Plymouth University (2014-Present)


10 GCSEs, 1 AS Level, 3 A Levels, BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science, MSc in Biotechnology

Work History:

Apart from the odd part time job, I have always been a student!

Current Job:

PhD student!


Plymouth University

Me and my work

I am researching plastic pollution in the ocean! Where does it come from and what happens to it?

My Typical Day

Everyday is really exciting and different! Though you would most probably find me in the lab.

What I'd do with the money

I’d donate it to a charity called the Marine Conservation Society, who I volunteer with, so that they can train more people like myself to give talks in schools about the protection of the ocean.

My Interview

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Imaginative, Happy, Adventurous

Who is your favourite singer or band?

The Beatles! Classic.

What's your favourite food?

Spaghetti Carbonara!

What is the most fun thing you've done?

Catching my first wave surfing!

What did you want to be after you left school?

To be honest, I didn’t know! I just knew I liked science. I didn’t really make my mind up until I was at University.

Were you ever in trouble at school?

Maybe a few times for talking too much..!

What was your favourite subject at school?


What's the best thing you've done as a scientist?

Contributing to reduce the negative effects the human race has on the natural environment.

What or who inspired you to become a scientist?

My mum! She was a microbiologist, and she used to show me all this awesome stuff underneath the microscope!

If you weren't a scientist, what would you be?

No idea, as long as it involved being by the beach in someway I would be happy.

If you had 3 wishes for yourself what would they be? - be honest!

1- Invisibility 2- to have a time machine 3- unlimited wishes!

Tell us a joke.

How do you organise a space party? You PLANET!

Other stuff

Work photos:

myimage1 This is me pouring liquid nitrogen into an instrument which does Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). It can give you a spectra which can be used to identify samples.

myimage4  This is a process called vacuum filtration. This helps to separate solids from liquid.

myimage5 Here I am making sure my sample is ready for FTIR.

myimage6 Here I am volunteering at a beach litter clean! Look at all the plastic I collected 🙁 .