Thank you from your winner – Imogen!

Blimey! What can I say? A huge thank you to ALL of you who took part in this year’s I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!

I am really going to miss all the questions and live chats (I have never typed so fast in my life)! You guys should be really proud of yourselves! There were some really detailed and thought out questions that really made me think. You really helped me understand more about my own subject, but also about many other topics (especially space).

It is really important to thank my fellow scientists – Jennifer, Jen, Hephzi and fellow finalist Tom. They all worked so hard answering all your questions and it was great to hear about all their different research. I hope to stay in contact with them in the future. A virtual round of applause please!

I would also like to thank the I’m a Scientist team for organising such an amazing event. The only downside of this whole event is that it is over  🙁 .

Sooo what am I going to do with the money! Well, I am donating the money to the Marine Conservation Society. This is a charity that aims to look after the ocean, the beaches and all the animals within it! With this charity I go into schools and do assemblies and workshops to teach you guys how awesome the ocean is, and what we need to do to protect it! So the money will go into transport and resources for these educational events. Hopefully we will get to come to your school!

As for a bit of advice, carry on doing what you enjoy. When you enjoy something and you are passionate about it, success comes hand in hand. Science is all about making a change in the world, and if this interests you, stick at it! It is obvious from this event that there are many budding scientists out there! Keep being curious and keep asking questions!

Hope to see some of you in the lab one day!


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